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Chimney Service

Chimney Service

We provide comprehensive inspection and sweeping services for single and double-story chimneys of various types, including those designed for wood and gas burning.

Chimney Service

During our comprehensive system inspection, we meticulously assess its operational status. We diligently identify potential issues that may hinder optimal performance and provide expert recommendations to ensure efficient and safe operation.

  • Firebox tuck-pointing and damper plate replacement.
  • Water leaks prevention and waterproofing.
  • Crown repair and rebuild.
  • Custom chaise fabrication and installation.
  • Caps and top mount dampers installation.
  • Chimney brickwork tuck-pointing.
  • Animal removal.

In addition to our chimney servicing, we also provide professional inspection and cleaning services for dryer vents in single-family homes. Our comprehensive inspection process involves a thorough examination of the entire dryer vent system to identify any potential issues that could affect its optimal operation. We utilize advanced diagnostic tools to accurately detect and resolve any problems before they escalate into major concerns.

we do not provide chimney or fireplace rebuilding services.

Chimney Service
Chimney Service